New: Gordi – Taken Blame

More in love with this than Die Hard-era Bruce Willis is with a dirty wife-beater and witty puns. Seriously, Gordi is the new face of gorgeous, limitless talent. Only on her second single, she looks to have everyone’s hearts a-flutter, simply because her voice is the equivalent of staying up all night with a loved one to watch the sunset. Fuck, have you ever done that? Neither have I, but Gordi makes me want to.

“Taken Blame” may come off initially as timid, but closer inspection reveals that its just as strong as any Primitive Calculators track. She oozes with self-doubt, but backs it up with simply incredibly arrangement and a voice that will send more shivers down your spine than any fucking haunted house.

Calling it now, Gordi is going to be bigger, better and more heartbreaking than that scene from The Big Lebowski were Donny gets shot, played on repeat on the world’s largest projector screen. Fuck, that was hard to type, but I stand by it.


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