Album Review: Mystery Date – New Noir

How about that? Power-pop is still well and alive. You might think that it was stabbed to death when The Buzzcocks stopped breathing, or maybe when Big Star kicked the bucket. Or maybe you were a tad more positive, and thought power-pop only stopped existing when we all found out Weezer were scrambling for a semblance of originality after ‘Pinkerton’.

However you feel about it, fear not my friends, because Mystery Date, a band from Minneapolis who share members with the amazing Real Numbers, are keeping the power-pop dream alive. Amateur pop music played at a high velocity pace that would blow the underpants off Paul Westerberg. Shit, in a weird turn, the vocals even sound like the weird middle ground of Craig Finn and Bob Mould’s voices. How’s that for a Minnesota Venn Diagram?

At 10 songs and just shy of half an hour, ‘New Noir’ is the epitome of what a garage record should be. The songs are short and sharp, with doo-doo’s and woah’s coming in thicker and faster than a hair regrowth machine that actually works. The whole thing reeks of simple genius, a product that can appeal to the everyman, and doesn’t require a diploma in the waltz to dance along to.

Mystery Date deliver fantastically in terms of the sort of thing one wants from a garage record. Each song is bursting with pop brilliance, quotable lyrics, and guitar solos. It’s hard to pick a favourite, but “Safety Trigger”, “Cosmos”, “You Can’t See It” and “Wouldn’t You Like To Know”. They just seem like the songs on here which are throbbing with the most frenzied riffs and have been attacked with the best melodies. However it’s important to reiterate that every track on here is a No.1 single here, in both our hearts and minds.

It’s hard to believe how criminally underrated Mystery Date are. From a foreign perspective, it feels like they would slot right into the rich legacy of punk acts that inject melody with the frenzy of a junkie that loves The Beatles. Husker Du, Lifter Puller and The Replacements fans should be selling their limbs to get a hold of this ‘New Noir’ LP. And yet, they continue to go unrecognised. Horseshit!

Rectify this mistake, and grab yourself a copy of ‘New Noir’ and all the greatness it has on offer at Mystery Date’s Bandcamp. And while your there, check out their other EP’s! Don’t be a dipshit, hop on the powerpop bandwagon, and enjoy your shitty life for once!


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