Top 5 Records w/ ScotDrakula

OKAY! THIS IS COOL! GATHER ROUND CHILDREN! The Scotty Draks are coming to town (WITH THE MUTHA FLIPPIN’ MIGHTY BOYS) and they’re playing THIS THURSDAY at GOODGOD SMALL CLUB. Fuck me sideways, and call me Christopher Pyne, this is gonna be a good ‘un.

For those who don’t know, ScotDrakula are one of Melbourne’s best kept secrets. They’re a garage rock tour de-force. If you’re ever in a bad mood, chuck on their new album (which was one of the best records of last year) and feel your problems wash away faster than copping acupuncture treatment from Morgan Freeman.

But if you’re actually a member of ScotDrakula, you can’t just listen to your own record over and over again. So, I asked Matt Neumann, the fiery and elegant ginger frontman of the Scotty Draks to tell me his Top 5 Records to get through a bad mood.

Top 5 Records w/ ScotDrakula

Sonic Youth – Goo

Overall incredible album. Has enough noise to block out exterior sound.

Probably the closest they got to making pop music overall. Sounds like every song is trying to contain a big noisy racket that really, really wants to happen.

Suicide – Suicide

The appropriate volume level for Ghost Rider is insanely-loud. Have another few cups of coffee.

Thrash around your apartment, secretly hoping to bother your neighbors.


Put on BORIN CONVO and feel like maybe you don’t have ADHD, maybe it’s just that everyone else is real boring.

Iceage – New Brigade

This is a good one for public transport. Something about the frequencies makes it awesome for blocking out strangers having loud, dumb, public conversations. Also, just a really great energetic/awesome record. Put on your headphones and stare directly forward.

Sleep – Dopesmoker

Straight up loud, ugly, heavy, repeat. An hour long song that’s just heavy as fuck. After about 20 minutes, you forget that you’re even listening to it and it becomes a soundtrack to your mean terrible mood. 

SctoDrakula play with Mighty Boys, Claire & the Cops, and Hunch at GoodGod this Thursday, 12th of Feb. Tix here.


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