PREMIERE: Dollar Bar – Pencil It In

If you’re not excited for Dollar Bar’s upcoming album, then I will personally make my way over to your abode, and slap some sense into you. Dollar Bar are a shining, and criminally underrated light, in Brisbane’s music scene.

Not even two minutes long, “Pencil It In” is a small, urgent ode to making sure that you’ve got your life sorted, something that I definitely haven’t gotten around to doing. Furthermore, Dollar Bar seem to be moving away from their Weezer/Superchunk-esque nerdy rock, and towards something a little more in line with The Pogues. Is that a violin? Fuck, this new album is going to be more sophisticated than an evening with the Queen in Mosman.

Dollar Bar’s third record (!) comes out in March on Sonic Masala Record. If you’ve had your head up your arse this entire time, make sure to go and pick up all their previous stuff for a Pay-What-You-Want Price at their Bandcamp. Trust me, more worth it than a kebab at 2am.



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