New: feedtime – Flatiron

Gettttt fuuuuuuckkkeeeeeddddd! feedtime! There is new stuff from feedtime! Ring the alarms, shout from the hilltops, defrost punks’ cryogenically frozen authenticity! feedtime are fucking back!

For those that have been licking out Mark Ronson’s butthole for so long that you forgot what real music™ sounded like, feedtime are one of the many bands that Sydney can hold up to say that we’re more than a Bridge and the hometown of Budgie Smuggler Abbott. A simple tutorial in the ways of Radio Birdman and Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys should be enough to quash those doubts.

Anyway, after nearly 20 years and no material from the most underappreciated act in rock music, feedtime are re-launching their burly, mean and fucking awesome brand of rock n roll. They’re unleashing a 7″ upon the world through Sub Pop, the A-side being a blues-injected neck-throttler by the name of “Flatiron”. It’s got all the usual feedtime elements – guttural bass that wants to drill a hole to China, whirring guitar spokes and a snarling refrain that would make Voldemort squeal. By this token, it feels like the globe is about to be crushed under the feedtime homecoming.


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