New: The S-Bends – (I Know) A Girl Called Jonny (Rowland S Howard Cover)

I’m about to blow y’all motherfucking minds when I tell you that the folks who made this cover are sitting around the 18/19 year old mark. Fuuuuuuck, let that sink in, hey. You’re 25, and still bullied by a boss in your dead end job. These lil’ fuckers are creating top-notch covers that’ll flatten the earth and make you even more depressed than you already were.

Sure, the song might not be their own, but The S-Bends are experts at stamping their own imprint onto what should be an Australian classic. The Jonnine Standish and Rowland S Howard parts evoke much of the same heartbreaking sighs that the original had, but delivered slightly more laconically and sparsely. Basically, we’re looking at bloody genius incarnate here.

If you haven’t checked out The S-Bends debut EP, step away from the blackhole of porn that is the Internet, and channel your desperate and lonely energy into listening to this sweet, sweet Extended Play action.


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