New: Hoarse – Hoarse EP

Look, people get constipated. It’s an uncomfortable fact, but it happens to everyone, and it’s something we just need to grow up and accept, and focus our attention away from disgust, and towards doing battle with this evil ailment.

Enter Hoarse – they will make you shit yourself. Their music is a scorching laxative that’ll burn its way straight through your body with a fiery purpose. This is the closest thing to Pissed Jeans, The Jesus Lizard and Shellac that Australia has had in some time (probably not since Zeahorse and Milkmaids released their records a little while back).

This Hoarse EP is built by sharp brutality in much the same way Mordor was. Only this time, there’s no Hobbits that can save the realm, and humanity are fortunately thrust with these two minute revelations. “Deaf Drums”, “Crawling Like An Idiot”, and “Mule” are goddamn perfect.

Listening to this record makes me want to throw up out of my nose it’s so good. It’s as unrelenting and unforgiving as a doomed relationship, and considering my luck with the opposite sex, I’m more than happy to be bashed upon by something as great as Hoarse.


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