New: FOAM – Places To Go

It’s been a while between some straight up rawk, but FOAM are too good not to share with the 3 people that might happen across this web page when looking for Kurt Cobain erotica.

Good news for you perverts! The vocalist in this band sounds heaps like the grunge legend’s long lost son. Shit, he could even have been the naked kid from Nevermind!

But FOAM are more than just some grunge rip-off, they just happen to incorporate that loud-quiet-loud better than most. They hold their own with ease, with “Places To Go” providing a thrashy, no bullshit takeover of your mind. It’s packed with melody and a chorus better than any “Monkey Wrench”.  Once the song looms into the pummeling finale, there’s a 50% chance you’ll be passed out in ecstasy.

FOAM play as part of the SOLD-OUT MATES mini-fest happening this Sunday at the Lansdowne.


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