Video: Weak Boys – That’s Me

Fuck right off. At 1:52 seconds. That’s not…that can’t be…no, fuck off. It’s incredulous. The saviour of the Australian music biz, the shining light of hope in this world of corporate greed, a beacon of unbudging truth and integrity…It’s Weak Boys (and I’m in the shot as well, but that’s not quite as big a deal).

In Late November 2014, #summerdayz, Weak Boys, the band with the second best song and album of 2014, played a launch party at Rav and Steve’s place. Rav’s the drunk lunatic falling out of the window. Steve’s the bloke with the Bedroom Suck t-shirt, and acting cooler than a cucumber on Ambien.

The launch was Good Times Inc. and featured a bunch of legends, and the best songs of 2014, one of which was “That’s Me”. SPOD brought out his fucking long lens and captured the magic in real time, which was including, but not limited to, dogs, guitar solos and, “Chisel Cunt!”.

Weak Boys are playing this Sunday (FOR FREE!) as part of a Rice Is Nice party, at the Vic in Marrickville. Also appearing: Frowning Clouds, Summer Flake, Terrible Truths and Darts.


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