Video: POND – Zond

Is there anything quite as batshit crazy as POND? In their video for “Zond”, they are freakishly on point. It’s like Wayne Coyne teamed up with Frank Zappa and David Bowie, and all the freakiest shit from their minds was channelled into a single video and song. There are many elements to “Zond”, from mind-melting bouncy guitars, to ecstatic chanting, to pools of endless squelchy fuzz.

But it’s the video that’s the real mind-fuck. Directed by Johnny McKay of Fascinator and Children Collide, it comes off like the introduction of the weirdest fetish porn ever. Nick, Jay and Joe are wrapped in things from blow-up pool toys, low-rent spacesuits, and retirement home costumes. Meanwhile, the effects and Ben Montero backgrounds that are injected here create a hyper-reality that I don’t think anyone can be prepared for.

Holy shit. ‘Man, It Feels Like Space Again’ is out on January 23rd. POND are playing Laneway, and a sideshow at Oxford Art Factory on Thursday, 5th of Feb.


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