Video: Constant Mongrel – The Law

After two and a half weeks of traipsing through some beautiful and old shit in Europe, your old mate Ryan aka The AntiChrist, has returned with the offering of new stuff from Constant Mongrel, the pinnacle of criminally underrated bands.

They’ve released “The Law”, another single from an upcoming ‘DCM’ 7″, which sounds like an Eddy Current Suppression Ring disciple rehashing the Judas Priest classic, badass riffs and all. The track comes over 6 months on from their last single (and the song of the year) “New Shapes”, and still has that demented sado-machistic bleeding riffs that draw you into Constant Mongrel like they’re a black hole and you’re Matthew McConaughey.

Furthermore, they’ve got a video to go along with their tune, which blends the Kafkaesque and the minimalist. All the looming presence of their music is contradicted by a couple of mates fucking around with masks, everyday objects and the sort of synchronised dance that would make DEVO fall apart in adoration.

Constant Mongrel are making a rare and welcome appearance in Sydney this weekend. Firstly at the NAG NAG NAG mini-fest at the Marrickville Bowlo on Saturday 17th of Jan, were $15 will get you unlimited access to The UV Race, Peak Twins, Housewives and a plethora of others. THEN, they’re playing on the Sunday at the Lansdowne, with Woollen Kits (!) and the people’s poet Nathan Roche (!!).


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