New: Dick Diver – Waste the Alphabet

Earlier this year, at one of the best gigs of the year (more on that later) Dick Diver headlined a mini-festival of enormous proportions. Dick Diver are fantastic, but are they fantastic enough to be memorable amongst a day of performances from the likes of Day Ravies, The Ocean Party, Holy Balm and Dag?

Long story short, yes Dick Diver were everything you could hope for in a band and more. They’ve got songs that present suburban meandering as the the most gorgeous thing in the world. They played “Waste the Alphabet” at both shows, and the song was an easy standouts, glistening and brave colloquialism charm mingling with bristled guitars. On record, the song shines even better, because you can play it over and over again instead of Dick Diver launching into the next song of their set.

“Waste the Alphabet” is the first pop masterpiece to emerge from ‘Melbourne, Florida”, Dick Diver’s third album, which will be out in March. That’s about it for this week’s edition of “Fuck Yes, That’s Heaps Good News”.


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