New Post-Punk: The Soft Moon + Orion + Dianas

Post-punk is like the weird step-brother of punk, alone and angsty, and into The Gun Club when everyone else was still shitting their diapers:

The Soft Moon – Black

No one quite does ethereal disturbia to the same extent as The Soft Moon. With tortured synths that remind of a maniacal executor pulling out someone’s fingernails and translating the results into white noise. It’s the kind of thing that the new, hip J.J. Abrams’d Darth Vader would listen to on his way to Force-choking a motherfucker. As far as darkwave goes, The Soft Moon are on top.

Orion – Demo EP

Orion have been kicking around Sydney for a while now, confined to a few support slots in our city’s stranger and greater venues, such as 107 Projects and The Lansdowne. However, their freaky, ethereal pop can not be contained! It is simply too great! And with this four track demo EP, thankfully released through Paradise Daily Records, hopefully more and more people will become privy to this little secret. Their sound is like if Q Lazzarus had a shy cousin who adored The Jesus & Mary Chain, and wanted to make home recordings inspired by said recordings, albeit with a little more sadness. Ingrained in 80’s philosophy, Orion excel with bawdy bass, thrilling synths, weeping guitars and timidly brilliant vocals. “Red Light District” and “Sexy Alien” are lite-goth masterpieces.

Dianas – 1000 Years

Recently announced as being part of the Perth Laneway lineup, Perth’s Dianas are two syllables of drop-dead gorgeousness. Take a look at “1000 Years”, a riveting tale of guitar pop, linked with some rough, hurriedly scaling guitar work. It’s like the sweetest thing you’ve ever known grew up on a steady diet of Beach House and Dum Dum Girls. The work is frail and personal, intimate as an Oscar clip, but has an element of hugeness to it, an ideal that this could touch a fair few people around the globe. Overall, it’s just a really beautiful song.


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