New: Blonde Tongues – Hey Good Lookin’

Here’s a small romance tip from your old mate Rye Rye: if you’re gonna hit on someone, screaming “Hey Good Lookin’!” at the top of your lungs in a horny banshee squeal is about as attractive as Hitler doing the splits whilst puckering his lips and staring you down. I’m pretty sure THAT video has made this all abundantly clear.

But Brissy’s Blonde Tongues (also, probably not something to accentuate on a date – if they see a pale white when you open your mouth, instead of the usual pink, prepare to be a government guinea pig for the rest of your life) make themselves crazy compatible with this gushing new song. “Hey Good Lookin'” combines sweeping guitars, with bone-crunching reverb, the kind that those new Velociraptor’s from the latest Jurassic Park trailer would be capable of. I want to marry this band, regardless of the cheesy one liners they might use to introduce themselves.


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