New: King Single – Broke Advice

Living in Newcastle is like being one of the ugly step-sisters in Cinderella. For some reason, you’re made out to be the villain, and it’s all a little bit of bullshit, cause some fancy prick called Sydney-rella got to fuck Prince Charming aka Tony Abbott.

But in reality, the step-sister, although a bit on the weirder spectrum of things, is not ugly at all. In fact, they might even be a little bit BETTER than Shitney. Case in point: King Single. A one man band compromised of Rob Nedeljković, who has the pretty killer job of featuring in Lenin Lennon and Bare Grillz, has a day job of creating dream-pop that’ll make Captured Tracks cream in their pants. 

“Broke Advice” is probably the closest thing that King Single has come to mirroring his hardcore projects, with wild guitar lines echoing some of the more frantic moments of “Friends”, but the sighing drum machine thumps, and Craft Spells-esque vocals. Lovers of romantic pop, prepare to find your new favourite band.


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