New: Hierophants – I Don’t Mind

Look, there’s a few things that are pretty goddamn swell about this new one from Hierophants. Firstly, it’s coming out on GONER RECORDS! That’s, like, one of the best fucking labels in the world! They put out Jay Reatard, and it’s owned by one of the guys from The Oblivians. It’s garage rock superstardom, the White House of shitty rock n roll.

Secondly, the release of “I Don’t Mind” comes with the news that Hierophants will be releasing their debut LP! Fuck yes! Fuck 7″s, when you can just go for the whole 12″ shebang.

Finally, it’s just a bloody tune. It’s schizophrenic, mongoloid rock that DEVO would love. Deranged synths, alien drum beats, the kind of rock and roll yelp that only comes from a haunted VHS tape. It’s v. fuckn cool.


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