Video: Zanzibar Chanel feat. Dungeon Posse – Mustn’t Evolve

This video has no peer. There is nothing that comes close to the insane genius presented on this video. Hands down, this is the craziest, most beautiful piece of artwork I have seen in fucking years. Someone needs to hang this up in the Louvre.

Don’t believe me? Sure, I’ve always been one with hyperbole, but this is like Tales From the Crypt if it was directed by Quentin Tarantino. Or even better, Oliver Stone when he was in his Natural Born Killers phase. What begins with a bit of graffiti turns into a bludgeoned-cop bloodbath, set to the demonic electronic wailings of Zanzibar Chanel. Watching and listening to this, you want to take a Prozac just to keep you in a level-headed frame of mind. Paranoid mums will point to this as the result of a depraved society, and everyone else will hail it for the exact same reasons.

This. Is. Fucking. Amazing.


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