New Electronic Music: Leaks + Pearls + Nick Hill

Once you press play, prepare to re-enact that scene from Scanners…

Leaks – Could I Be

When the words ‘Melbourne producer’ drop out of one’s mouth, there’s a fair chance that the result is going to be a little bit of alright. Roland Tings, Andras Fox and Japanese Wallpaper are all names of the thump that rise to the edge of the brain. But Leaks is particularly catching, providing an enrapturing cocoon of sounds. It feels like Bugs Life is taking place in the midst of song, with electric mantis rubbing their hind legs, warbling fireflies dazzling with flashes of clicks and purrs, and butterflies of synth zooming at breakneck speeds of lushness. Best of all, that damn Hopper has fucked off, and left Leaks in a calm, habitable realm of hospitable electronica.

Pearls – Big Shot

I’m a bit of a big shot around these parts. I don’t want to brag, but people know me. They smell my unique aroma of burning car tyres and burst frog pus, see the ball-of–sunburnt-fat waddle its way around Sydney, and become blinded by the brilliant orange hair, more fiery than the glare of a thousand wronged Uma Thurman’s.

But the swaggering pop of Pearls put’s all my shame to shame. If Gary Glitter turned his “Rock and Roll Part 2” into something sexy and luscious, and wrapped a pair of speed-dealers around his forehead, then he’d be onto the magic that Pearls have got here.

Nick Hill – Know This

Finally, there’s this gorgeous little R&B J.A.M from Sydney-sider Nick Hill. If Oliver Tank teamed up with I’lls, then something like this would develop. As his debut single progresses, the more and more you become infatuated with his character, and his stunning ability to make something that sounds like a ninja blowing a poisonous darts through a pipe, first-scene-from-Raiders-of-the-Lost-Ark-style sound good. Layer that down with some temptress synths and vocals bestowed by the gods, and you’ve got yourself a bloke with *thumbs up* written all over him.


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