Album Review: ScotDrakula – ScotDrakula


Here’s a few things that we’ve been waiting a while for:

1. Robocop
2. An end to the debate of cats vs. dogs (dogs, duh)
3. The debut album from Melbourne’s ScotDrakula

In a realm in which there’s so much rock ‘n’ roll, overwhelmingly so, it gets to a point where things can become stale and uninventive. Sure, the beauty of garage is that anyone can play it.  But with that acceptance also comes the assumption that you’ll provide a whole lot of energy and enthusiasm, not just a few chords tied together in utter lameness. Seriously, what’s the point? Think of all the great rock ‘n’ rollers, from MC5 to GG Allin to Joey Ramone. The one thing they all shared in common was an irrepressible urge to scream and shout, to enthral all with their energetic presence. And that is precisely what ScotDrakula have captured in their refreshingly ramshackle ode to fuzz and fucking around.

Ya’see, ScotDrakula, besides having a great name in the vein of Reckless Vagina, Chugga & The Fuckheads and Drunk Mums (so dumb, it’s utterly brilliant), are so authentically dedicated to showcasing their vibrancy and passion that cynicism barely enters the equation. Their pulsating flashes of catchy-as-hell guitar bludgeoning is as fun as it comes. Listening to the record, it feels like you’ve just finished high-school/university, and it’s at that point where everyone’s throwing their hats in the air and tearing up their final exams. Best of all, ScotDrakula don’t allow for that crushing defeat of real life to break through and destroy that happiness.

On the topic of how the album is constructed, well, ScotDrakula have always been abundant in their hit-making abilites. How a track like “Burner” or “Ain’t Scared” hasn’t been buried into a Hollywood soundtrack or Skittles advertisement is beyond belief. Or maybe the suits have been pounding down their doors, and the band simply have more resilience and dignity than I do? Regardless, the point here is that their album is filled with songs that would turn any wine-n-cheese muncher into a full-blown Wayne’s World 2 final scene re-enactment. Obviously, lead singles “O’Clock” and “Shazon” are bloody rippers, tearing away at the bad times like they’re a mean-looking scab, and letting the blood of good vybz run as freely as the Nile.

But even with all the singles in here, there’s still a fair amount of glue, holding court amongst the pill-popping, cone-pumping party starters. Whilst there’s maybe not enough to even out the record with as much diversity as a bloody Radiohead album, a re-recorded “Break Me Up”, fiery romance-jam “Starter Humanism” and head-jammer of “I Ain’t Going to Sleep” allow for enough cleansing of the party palette. And if you somehow become dissatisfied with things being slowed down just that tiny bit, then there’s plenty available for turning your hands into an air guitar, clawing at nothing in your best 80’s thrash-metal impression, and hearing frontman Matt Neuman’s dingo yelps (which are as unique and satisfying as any Iggy Pop howl).

So, here you’ve got an album from ScotDrakula –  it’s uproariously loveable, as much so as any episode of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver. If enjoying crunchy, scuzzy and tasty-as-fuck riffs penetrating every inch of your pleasure indicator seems like something you’d want to spend a half hour doing, then join the queue lined up to buy the record. For the other four of you, go see a therapist, and then get them to write you a prescription for the balls-out fun of ScotDrakula.


The Scotty-Draks’ album comes out this Friday, 14th of November. They’re accompanying old mates Bloods(!) on their also-debut-album tour, for what is going to be a double-bill for the ages. They stop by Goodgod on November 29th.


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