Video: Cody Munro Moore – Friends With You

Jangle-pop mates, that’s where this plump ginger is at in his life right now. Give me some off-key vocals, bumper-car guitar and contradicting musical-lyrical contrast, and you’ve got yourself a sucker in me. Cody Munro Moore has a few bands to his name, including Big White and New Lovers, but it’s his solo stuff that gets everyone bit hot under the collar.

“Friends With You” is his debut single, a shuffling, awkward-kid-coming-out-to-play display of excellence. If Randy Newman wrote the Toy Story theme in a granny flat in the Inner West after a few brews of craft beer, this is what Woody and Buzz would be skipping along to at the credits. It’s incredibly catchy, in the same way that the best stuff from Belle & Sebastian is. It’s got a lot of that instantly quotable lyrics that Stephen Malkmus would cut someone for, and the whole thing rings with sticky sincereity. It’s pop for the miserable, and you wouldn’t want it any other way.


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