New: Sincerely, Grizzly – I’m Nucky Thompson. This Is Atlantic City

First of all, here are two facts about me that prove I’m in position to begin talking about this awesome new Sincerely, Grizzly song. Firstly, I haven’t seen an episode of ‘Boardwalk Empire’, an allegedly amazing HBO show featuring the sad, milky eyes of Steve Buscemi. Secondly, I’ve never been to Atlantic City…apparently, it’s like the classy version of Las Vegas, or some shit?

However, I do listen to a lot of good guitar bands, and Sincerely, Grizzly, one of the finer providers of said genre outta Radelaide, have encapsulated all there is to love about having a headbang to some sad music. SG have perfected the art of a wordy onslaught, and ensured that things don’t get boring by inserting more whirlwind passages of flurrying guitar than a duel between Glassjaw and At the Drive-In.


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