New: Total Giovanni – Human Animal

Holy shit, Total Giovanni just dropped their first single, and it’s one of the funnest things to have developed upon this barren land we call Australia. It’s foreign but ours, and even though it sounds like a French disco, cigarette smoke encased and all, it still has a little bit of ‘Straya thrown in there as well.

It’s hard to describe just how gloriously fun this song is. Think of James Murphy from LCD Soundsytem grinding up on an Iggy Pop spoken word piece. The funk is ethereal and supernatural, like the Holy One himself (JAMES BROWN) utilised the spirits of four talented Melbourne blokes for the purposes of gettin’ groovy. Basically, “Human Animal” represents the pop-apocalypse,  and it’s doubtful something as gloriously hedonistic will emerge again for the rest of the year. You heard it hear, folks, this song is one you wanna dust off your power-pop nylon jacket for.


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