New: Collarbones – Only Water (feat. Oscar Key Sung)

Y’all motherfuckers like R&B? Collarbones are at the pinnacle of this game right now, without any doubt. Try to throw shade on these guys, and that same shade will return with a quizzical look , disappointedly expressing, “Really? These guys? They’re awesome, you twisted, lonely fuck!”. The duo of Marcus Whale and Travis Cook is basically a recipe of the juiciest R Kelly vocals mixing it up with some of the best production this country has ever seen. No, you can actually see the sounds emitting from a Collarbones track, razor sharp synths and electronic flourishes scratching your earholes, and forcing your eyes into a fixed stare.

Collarbones have a new record on the horizon, and they’ve released a killer new track to accompany that news, a sultry jam featuring Oscar “King of Sex” Key Sung latching on with some vocal help. “Only Water” goes back to Collarbones more lush roots, with the rapid-fire percussion taking a backseat in the mi towards twinkling, waterfall synths. Whale and Key Sung’s harmonies are in fine form here, gently unfurling into a blossoming shape that Mother Nature herself would burn with envy over. With this, and the previously released “Turning”, Collarbones new record is looking to be the electronic release of the year.


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