Video: Weak Boys – Dog Farm

If you’ve run into a crazy, short ginger kid with bad hygiene spewing the praises of “THE DEBUT ALBUM FROM SYDNEY’S WEAK BOYS”, that was probably me. I say probably because the album is that fucking good that there’s a very solid chance that someone else has gotten around to hailing it as one of the albums of the year, just like myself. (If you haven’t read the review of the record, then check out this convenient article right here)

One of the bigger reasons ‘Weekdays/Weekends” is such a success is because of the greatly quotable and tender songs that span the entire 10 song track list. “Dog Farm” is one of the standouts, and not just because it takes a broken relationship, and turns it into about how great dogs are. Seriously, no one needs to be reminded that dogs are great. Even people that get mauled by Dobermans melt whenever they hear the word dog.

The guys got together and shot a lil’ clip for it, featuring, you guessed it, a bunch of amazing dogs licking the face of the Chris Yates. It’s pretty bluddy adorable.


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