New: Gazar Strips – Lost Holiday

Gazar Strips, outta Brissy, are probably one of the most stand-offish and instantly enrapturing bands coming from that solemn city right now. They’ve got a brand new one called “Lost Holiday”, which features their usual Jesus And Mary Chain-via-The Cure-being-sucked-through-a-black-hole-by-Satan sound, which is pretty one-of-a-kind thing. It has to be heard/seen to be believed, ja feel?

Gazar Strips are still maintiaining those looming guitar lines, which I’m all for, and they still have that goth poetry being spat out with guttural baritones. “Lost Holiday” is a swirling cavern of depressed noise and, like the eyes of Medusa/Lee Lin Chin, if you stare at it too long, you risk being turned to stone, caught forever in a terrifying gaze. To summarise, I’m all for “Lost Holiday”, and will wait impatiently for Part 2 of the Gazar Strips Single Series to be released in a couple weeks.


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