Video: Todd Terje – Delorean Dynamite

Hello? Is anyone there? It’s 2 in the morning on a Tuesday night*, and I’m awake watching Todd Terje videos. It’s at points like this that you question your own sanity. But, at the same time, I can rationalise it, and maintain that I am normal.

Exhibit A: I feel like I missed the bus on Todd Terje. I didn’t find out about Todd Terje until a little earlier this year, and had no idea how big this dude was, and how his debut album was kind of a big deal. And I had no idea…all my credibility was shit on the floor. Hipster badge, had to turn that bad boy in. Anyway, the guilt has ridden me, and I feel responsible for being up to date on all things Terje.

Exhibit B: “Delorean Highway” is a heaps good song. Coming off of Terje’s debut LP ‘It’s Album Time’, this track is gold, shiny and ethereal, like the innards of that vault in Ducktails. When there’s a video for that, surely you gotta check it out.

Exhibit C: The video is really fuckin good. This thing is like Giorgio Morodor met James Bond in a late night car commercial. It’s like Jean-Claude Van Damme got caught in a vortex with The Chemical Brothers. It’s Miami Vice with Arnold Schwarznegger’s literate cousin narrating over a throbbing alternate soundtrack to Drive. I mean, this is how a video is done.

*I published this later, because I had the slight self-awareness that due to lack of sleep, I might have written some crazy shit here and needed to edit at a later point.


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