New: Tam Vantage – The Boy Who Always Wins

The Go-Betweens were a fair bit before my time, which was a shame, because I would’ve loved to see a young Robert Forster kick some ass behind an acoustic guitar. But on the silver lining, there are a whole bunch of modern bands taking what the Goey’s did, and updating it for my context. If you’re looking for beautiful, slightly ethereal, but grounded music, look no further than Dick Diver, The S-Bends, The Ocean Party, or Twerps, to name a few.

Pop Singles were also a great band of that irk, although who knows what’s been happening with them. Although that camp has been pretty quiet since the release of their fantastic “All Gone” LP, their frontman Tam Vantage has gone n’ done a solo album. Beautifully mastered into a quaint acoustic ditty, this stripped-back jangle effort is packed with the kinds of pop hooks that wouldn’t be out of place of a lost Kinks B-side that Flying Nun put out. Pretty gr8, hey.


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