New: Mope City – Blunt Razor

Aww Jesus Christ, Mope City just went and got crazy fucking good. I mean, they were already an amazing band, but now they’ve gone from Nicholas Cage in the mid-80’s good, to being as great as that photo of Shaquille O’Neill picking up Bill Gates.

It’s like all these scrappy Inner West bands have really evolved and shaped up, seemingly overnight. Day Ravies dropped a synth-singed pop number the other week, and The Cathys blew me away on Thursday night, pulling off Dinosaur Jr.’s “Freak Scene” with weird ease. Now, Mope City are the latest band to grow out from dingy-lit lo-fi to something fresh and exciting.

Mope City have always had slightly morbid lyrics (see: “Suicide of Town”), but “Blunt Razor” marries that with a more suitably dark sound than the band have had before. Maybe a label has splashed a bit of money on them, because these recordings are sounding clearer, and therefore the doomier aspects of Mope City are seeing clarity. “If you see me, do me a favour/have a look and see if I’m right” is now entombed by glistening guitars that belong in the basement of a haunted house. Fuck me, Mope City just got really good.


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