New: West Thebarton Brothel Party – Glenn McGrath

I’ll be honest, I know fuck all about cricket. Yeah, I get it, it’s meant to be the summer equivalent to footy, an Australian pastime as central to societal wellbeing as shrimps on the barbie. But it’s fucking boring, right! Like, I’d rather allow a constipated bloke try to shit in my mouth than watch a full game of the Ashes. Those two activities aren’t all that dissimilar either – they both involve chowing down on second hand meat pies.

However, Radelaide’s West Thebarton Brothel Party (a reference I doubt anyone will get unless they’ve been to the City of Churches) have released a high-octane punch in the guts, an ode to one of the best players and activist. Glenn McGrath’s a sweetheart, and it seems only right that a rowdy fastball of a song is dedicated in his honour. “Glenn McGrath” is a rowdy, rambunctious and drunken track to spew your guts out to. Fuck the Ashes, let’s see England try and beat a song like this.


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