Video: Pissed Jeans – Boring Girls

Think back to a time before Total Punk and Ausmuteants existed, before you could get decent fucked up punk music delivered to you as easily as ordering a heart-attack inducing Domino’s Pizza. That time was 2005, when Myspace was still relevant, and Alexisonfire where inexplicably a ‘punk band’. It was also when Pissed Jeans, a band with a name to rival our own Slug Guts, released their debut record ‘Shallow’, a fiery brew of sneering, bloody music that could only be played on loud speakers.

Sub Pop is going to re-release ‘Shallow’ (they’re also doing a Sleater-Kinney boxset, hey), and they’ve made a cool lil’ video to go along with the searing “Boring Girls”. It’s a searing bludgeoning deathknell, accompanied by the most brutal microphone batterings since ‘Damaged’. But with “Boring Girls”, there’s an added menace in the chorus and depraved lyrics.

The video is fucking amazing as well. Fucking amazing. There are multiple switches from suit to PJ’s for our unlikely, creepy protagonist. There’s a whole bunch of supernatural shit that goes down and scares the shit out of the same guy who was dumb enough to have a date around the same place that he stores a photograph of said date. SILLY BRO! A bunch of horrific shit goes down that makes American Horror Story’s gimp suit guy seem like a badly rendered Runescape goblin.


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