New Electronic Music: Bonobo + NO ZU + Broadway Sounds

Wubba wub-wub wub, Diplo is God. Now that I have the attention, follow me on a journey of awesome new electronic stuff:

Bonobo – Flashlight

Bonobo’s been around for a long time, and is one of the most critically acclaimed electronic artists. He doesn’t resort to gimmicks or cheap tricks with his music, but creates these amazing soundscapes that draw from a multitude of inspirations. “Flashlight” is his latest, and is a well of samples, layer upon layer of sounds balancing on each other, like a Cirque du Soleil of electronic music.

NO ZU – Raw Vis Vision

Like a PNAU lost in the woods, NO ZU (kind of an ironic name, considering they sound like a tribal jungle gathering dressed in neon). Cracking in at six and a half minute, “Raw Vis Vision” is a smooth marathon, flippant bongos and eclectic bass rhythms run through a funky-as-fuck tune with plenty of swaying potential. If Stevie Wonder had been stuck in the Amazon for decades, and then came back with a funkified version of the Hula that involved a lot of whistle blowing, “Raw Vis Vision” would probably be the closest thing to that hypothetically amazing creation.

Broadway Sounds – Something Sensual

If you’re a fan of this new-wave of throwback electro-pop that’s arisen in Australia (i.e Collarbones, Retiree Client Liaison), prepare your mind for the next massive thing. Your eyes won’t believe what they ‘re seeing, and your ears will melt in seduced pleasure. Squelchy beats flashing across a we plateau of laser synths, and bubbles of sound rising and popping everywhere, “Something Sensual” is a steam bath of hedonism.

Tie that down with an awesomely DIY video, that’s part intro’s to 80’s porn, part superimposed burlesque party involving synthesisers , and part fan-fiction from the mind of a depraved alternate-universe David Hasselhoff, Broadway Sounds are going to be massive, especially off the back of something like “Something Sensual”.


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