New: Jack Ladder & the Dreamlanders – Her Hands

I think a lot of people were expecting something just as dark and moody as Ladder’s previous record ‘Hurtsville’. But on the first two singles, “Come On Back this Way” and the just released “Her Hands”, it’s become obvious that Jack Ladder is going hard-out on the synth vibes. Maybe it’s the Dreamlanders, Ladder’s trusty trio of a backing band, culminated from Sydney talents Laurence Pike of PVT, Donny Benet, and Kirin J. Callinan, exerting some influence.  The Afro-beats that soar on “Her Hands” showcase Ladder entering a new direction that I’m sure folks will be able to get around faster than my romantic relationships blossom and crash (i.e: instantaneously). With a cool little synth line in here that could’ve come from a futuristic kung-fu movie, Jack Ladder looks to be going for his third AMP nomination, and hopefully his first win. You can’t turn down genius like his that many times!

Jack Ladder & the Dreamlanders play Newtown Social Club on November 13th, with Geoffrey O’Connor, cya there.


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