Video: Twerps – Back to You

Praise the jangle Gods! Twerps have announced that they’re going to be bringing out a new record next year! As you (should) all know, Twerps have released a bunch of records that can only be described as the inner thoughts of every 20 something, sighed over powerfully relaxed guitar lines.

They’ve dropped the first taste of the record a couple hours back, and it’s called “Back to You”. According to my iTunes library, other bands with a song called “Back to You” includes Woollen Kits, Bloods and Something for Kate. So, pretty good company there.

As usual, Twerps’ musical style has slightly evolved, but maintained their impossibly catchy hooks and bouncy coolness. Accompanied by a slideshow of various colourful backdrops of Melbourne, “Back To You” involves that signature self-doubting but who-gives-a-shit theme that anchor all the best Twerps songs (“Dreamin”, “Who Are You”, “Work It Out” etc.). The inclusion of a very cool child-like synth line, crashing over the top of a gorgeous guitar riff that’s pretty much the Go-Betweens on an overdose of Prozac.

Absolutely cannot fucking wait for the new Twerps record, out Jan 23rd on Chapter Music and Merge Records. Also, they’re supporting Belle & Sebastian on their Aussie tour. I’m so happy I could contribute to society!


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