Video: Grinding Eyes – It’s All To Strange

Grinding Eyes are going to be Sydney’s King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. That’s not meant to mean that these guys are a ripoff, because they aren’t. What I mean is that Grinding Eyes are going to be Sydney’s version of a really fucking awesome garage-infused pysch band. We’ve already come close, but never really perfected it.The Laurels can get a bit too psych-y, and Spirit Valley are too heavy to be garage, but Grinding Eyes are hitting the nail on the head.

On “It’s All To Strange” they infuse droning rhtyhms that Dead Meadow would like to steal, then chuck a bunch of haunting guitars that are basically the audio equivalent to a spirit doing the moonwalk. There’s also this amazing organ line that could’ve come from a Nuggets compilation, but slowed down to devouring purposes. Chuck vocals in there, that are layered with grime, and a flurry of images that include Shaft, car demolitions and a sprinkled orgy of intertwining colours, and Grinding Eyes do themselves proud on their first video.


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