New: The Friendsters – AWOL

Earlier this year, The Friendsters released a searing 7″, a post-punk maelstrom wrapped up in glaring lyrics. The spindly “Revenge is the Best Revenge” featured an insane chorus that was like a banshee screaming bloody murder.

Out of the blue, The Friendsters announced a new track, and they’ve also gone with…fuck it’s a cliche and hard to type, but they’ve changed up the sound a bit. It’s like The Beach Boys being assassinated, and this is the sound that a choir sings as the band ascend to heaven (or hell, The Beach Boys did some fucked up shit). It’s masquerading as a happy song, with the jangly guitar, the refrains of love and “Ooo-ahh-ooh”. But underneath it, the lyrics point to the band that released those stoic straightforward classics.

The Friendsters end up doing a killer update of a lost Beat Happening song, with a verse that goes “One day he went away/but he never came back again/they said he took a bullet to the brain/and they never covered his remains”. Sound like something you’d be pretty keen on listening to? That’s known as a ‘rhetorical question’ for all the kids who’ve just finished the HSC English exams. Shoutouts to myself from a year ago.

The Friendsters support Old Mate at Black Wire, this Saturday, 18 October.


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