Video: Scotdrakula – O’Clock

Beers. If there’s one thing I know, and love, it’s beers. Whilst some of my comrades chose to delegate, and manouvre to other areas such as ‘footy’ or ‘chicks’, I stay, and abide to my real passion.

Scotdrakula, they share my enthusiasm and unwavering loyalty to the almighty tinnie. For their new video “O’Clock’, which I can conveniently describe as a comically spot on impression of Elvis Presley’s yelps after doing, like, the biggest line of coke ever. Loose. Add in some garage riffs that any 60’s band worth their salt would be scrabbling for, and you’ve got the basic audio components of “O’Clock”.

But to include beers and dancing antics is fanatic. Scotdrakula, to quote Leonardo DiCaprio’s most rascist role:  “You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention”.


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