Premiere: Disgusting People – Snail Song

It’s been a long, long time coming for Disgusting People to finally see the light and get around to releasing a cassette full of irreverent goodies. Their debut is like those goodie bags you received at birthdays celebrating your fifth year of being alive – full of awesome shit that was coated in unimaginable layers of sugar. And that’s why you’re fat.

Anyway, the #leadsingle from the Inner West deli platter that is Disgusting People is guitar-pop done by guys who treat their Yo La Tengo records like a safety blanket. The guitar strums on here are more lackadaisical than trailing your hand in the waters of Venice from the sanctuary of a gondola. Now THAT’S lackadaisical. And there’s enough poppy “Bap-bap’s” to turn Paul McCartney insane. Basically, if you like guitars and guys singing about who knows what, “Snail Song” is your Mecca.

Disgusting People’s debut self-titled is available TODAY through Strong Look Records’ Bandcamp. 19 tracks of pop that’ll give you a weird burning sensation. Get on it mate.


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