Video: The Ocean Party – Head Down

Sweet, there’s a new one from the best band that can say ‘dolewave’ the most times within a set. Shoutouts to the Dick Diver show at the Marrickville bowlo. That’s an inside joke for all the people that were there. Suck eggs if you weren’t, hey.

Anyway, “Head Down” is gloriously less rude and crass than me, a single from a band that does pop with perfection. The Ocean Party are prone to writing excellent guitar songs that craft personable hooks better than Dustin Hoffman in his greatest role to date, but “Head Down” has a chorus even the most AC/DC-loving tuff guy would melt into. Chill out big guy, just listen to that chorus, and let The Clean’s waves of jealousy from across the Tasman invigorate your spirit. Also, bow down to that saxophone. Seriously, Kenny G’s head just exploded in rage.


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