New: Point Being – Degustation

Point Being have been cracking around Sydney for a little while now, but they’ve only just revealed their debut single “Degustation”, which sounds like a guy with a lisp trying to pronounce ‘Disgusting’. But whatever, this band is basically a supergroup, what with featuring members of such establishments as Red Eye Records and Mess + Noise. It’s like Them Crooked Vultures, but instead of RAWK GAWDS, the members are from the best musical establishments of Australia.

But, I’m getting carried away. Their debut single is something that you need to get in your system. Let it swim around your digestive track with that half-molten KFC wrap and those Lego pieces you ate when you were three that still have yet to come out. Rejoice in “Degustation”, as it slots nicely into that punk mix you’ve been putting together featuring Mission of Burma,  Q And Not U and Cap’n Jazz. And for the love of Christ, can someone chuck on a bill with Pinch Hitter, Point Being and Beast & Flood at Black Wire? #Dreamteam.

Point Being play a show on Friday night, at the Lansdowne Hotel, supporting Bare Grillz, Circular Keys and Day fuck’n Ravies. It’s free as fuck.  ‘Yeah, I’ll be there’, you just thought to yourself.


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