New: Peter Bibby – Hate My Boozin’

Peter Bibby is a bloke who’s a lot less recognised than he should be. I mean, those burnt-out vocal chords, that stringy accent, those poignant, dashing guitar lines that carry a drawl almost as strong as the man himself. I mean, this is a bloke who’s doing the exact same thing as The Triffids and Paul Kelly, and doing it just as well. The heartbroken strings are a nice touch, and the woeful stories are signatures of the 80’s jangle boom, and Bibby pulls the aesthetic off with the posture of a bloke who’s stared out in desperation behind the cloud of his last cigarette one too many times.

For one of his first singles, Bibby hits things so dead-on that it’s hard to believe this bloke isn’t an underground hero un par with Dick Diver. The affair is a tangled, depressed warble that winds its drunk ass down a main street as 4 in the morning, singing its praises to the street lamps and mozzies. To put it mildly, “Hate My Boozin” is absolutely stunning, an instantly relatable yarn that will go down as one of the songs of the year


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