New: Day Ravies – This Side of the Fence

The excellent Day Ravies have been in a little bit of hibernation since the release of their fantastic debut LP last year, thanks to some globe-trotting, side-projects and knee trouble, but they’re back! Which means I can put down my food experiments (Vegemite and mint icecream will have to wait) and hear the shit out of their newest trophy.

Clocking in at just a minute, 40 seconds (that’s like fucking lightspeed for a band that uses delays), the song is jam packed, skinned to just bare minimum Day Ravies awesomeness. Day Ravies are doing franticly happy pixie-synths being slammed into a combination of Kevin Shields doing a damn good impression of a Joy Division song. Chuck that on ya resume.

After what feels like way too long of an absence, Day Ravies have jumped back into our existence. At a time when Barry O’Farrell is taking credit for the loss of Sydney’s culture , having a great band like Day Ravies release good music again is soul-relieving.

Day Ravies play a free (!!!) show at the Lansdowne this Friday, with support from Circular Keys, Bare Grillz, and Point Being. Think about it? Sweet, see ya there.


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