New: Summer Flake – Son of a Gun

This one’s so hot off the press that I burnt myself when I pressed play. Now that I’ve committed myself to one shitty pun, and the Pun Demons (TM) have released me until midnight, I can completely indulge in my love for Summer Flake.

This song may be one of the most beautiful things Steph Crase has ever put together. In all seriousness, this song makes me want to weep, and I’m a manly-man, who likes sports and The Bachelor. Imagine what it’s going to do to a mere mortal like yourself. When those struggling guitars swell beneath her voice, it’s like I’m watching a David Attenbroough documentary about heatrtbreak. The fact that she’s able to squeeze in an absolutely amazing little guitar solo of noisy AND intimate squeals sets my heart into dangerous palpitations.

If this were the 90’s, this song would have a bidding war involving multiple assassinations. Now that it’s the 21st Century, prepare yourself for WWIII.


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