New: Scotdrakula – O’Clock

FUUUUUCKKK MEEE! MOITE, Scotdrakula have just released the banger of the year! Fuck your Top 40 radio, I haven’t been able to stop shaking my shoulders and doing rolls with my hands since this popped up on the Interwebs a mere few hours back.

Does the above (^) make a whole lot of sense? No? Alright, let me bring this down to more serious terms. Scotdrakula have suddenly decided to become stoked on life, and as a result, they’ve busted out something that’s like Bill Haley on crack. Their voices are still as raspy as a piece of sandpaper fronting a heavy metal band for 30 years, but they’ve upped the jangle, turned back time, and created a masterpiece of boogie-shaking rock ‘n’ roll. Fuck, I actually can’t get over this song, it’s gonna be soundtracking parties for a long time now, y’hear!


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