Video: JuliaWhy? – Just One Night

Sydney’s JuliaWhy?, a band which features members of punk extraordinary Snotty Babies, as well as The Cathys, King Tears Mortuary, and Sleep Debt. But whilst these projects cover a variety of genres, JuliaWhy? present a much more slick and gothy version of garage rock. On their new one “Just One Night”, there’s a strong Yeah Yeah Yeahs richness there, which is also permeated in the video.

Developed by some hella talented NIDA students, it resembles that clip for “Heads Will Roll”, only instead of a snazzy, ponytailed werewolf, there’s a pretty zombie. Whilst the beginning looks like things are about to get a little Carrie-d away (BOOM! Fuck I am GOOD!), they take a turn for the Footloose, as our enraptured and undead lovers prom out to some excellent garage jams courtesy of JuliaWhy?


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