New: Trust Punks – Gordian Knot

This kind of half-sinister, half-angular, half-haunted improper fraction stuff is what really got me into New Zealand’s Trust Punks. They’re gearing up to release their debut record on Spunk Records pretty soon. Whilst an updated “Prone Hold” didn’t get the butterflies going off in my stomach, this strung-out and nervous track called “Gordion Knot” is doing leaps and bounds for me. It’s like watching a contortionist build themselves into a tight box, twitching bones and tweaking joints that most wouldn’t have the slightest clue existed. There’s uncomfortable sounds aplenty on here, and the disconcerting chorus is the kind of thing that post-punk does best – a little bit freaky, a little bit poppy, and all kinds of nail-chewing nervousness. Tour here soon please?


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