This is, hands down, one of the most interesting and amazingly simple music videos of all time. In a time when everyone’s either shoving as much nudity into a shoot as possible, or going for some incredibly high concept bullshit, Melbourne’s SMILE have gone and created a music video where the music isn’t the main focus.

Sounds incredulous, I know. What’s the point of having a music video where people are just talking? Well, what SMILE have done is create an entire backstory and aesthetic, a portrait IF YOU WILL, of exactly what their song is trying to say. By placing the music as a soft backdrop for a family conversation about dead dogs, compost bins and the intricacies of the rain hat, there’s an entire new dimension in play. Whilst leaning in to get a glance at the truly beautiful song that is “BLVD” is completely worth it, sitting back and being regaled by a uniquely Australian story. Warm and cozy in the buzzing heat of the car, whilst rain patters against the windows and the radio trails on, old mates are discussing shit that is too funny and amazing to give justice in print. This video just needs to be watched.


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