Video: High-tails – Terrible Day

First thoughts upon viewing the new High-tails: ‘That is a cute fucking dog’ and ‘they are really beating the shit out of their band mate’.

Obviously those thoughts don’t make a lot of sense next to each other, but neither does much of the “Terrible Day” video. Or the song either. I mean, the track starts out talking about walking Chihuahuas. This is not exactly a song that’s going to transcend major philosophical boundaries.

But it does have that extreme teenage sensibility about it, much the same way bands like SURES do. High-tails have that innate ability to get a pop hook, and unearth it unashamedly. This is further expressed in the video, in which a bunch of random shit (there’s really no other way to describe it) gets dumped on the band’s faces. They all show surprising resilience, considering all the lipstick, force-fed food and toilet paper. But yeah, good song, good clip, good band.


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