New: Chugga & The Fuckheads – Idiot

Now that’s a fucking band name. You need to turn this one right the fuck up, not just because turning things up to 11 is oh so rock ‘n’ roll, but also because this thing is so lo-fi that you won’t be able to hear shit unless ol’ mate Chugga is screaming in your ear. Like Housewives and Red Red Krovvy, , “Idiot” is some fun as fuck punk music. You don’t feel like you’re going to get your teeth kicked in by a dude with a barb-wire tattoo. Instead, you’re free to swing your arms in as haphazard a fashion as you want, as this exhilaratingly revolting and grimy soon-to-be punk staple provides some prime material to windmill your skinny arms to.


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