New: Trust Punks – Prone Hold

Straight from everyone’s favourite jump over the pond comes New Zealand’s Trust Punks. Having already stunned people with a pretty amazing track called “Draag”, and a few other singles, they’ve gone and re-released “Prone Hold” as a way of announcing their debut album to the world. In a weird twist,  Trust Punks have turned down the punk vibes for something that’s like Cap’n Jazz in a reclining chair. Whilst “Prone Hold” is nice, there’s nothing immediately grabbing about it. It’s like the audio equivalent of a Terry Zwigoff movie: nice to look at, and interesting the first time round, but nothing you’d go out of your way to watch on repeat. Still, the sign that these guys will be releasing an album soon is good news, and definetely worth a check out if they can revert back to their noisier tones.


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