New: Love of Diagrams – Eyes

Fuuuuuuck, it has been a long time between beers for Love of Diagrams. In fact, their last album ‘Nowhere Forever’ was out in 2009! That’s five burger-flippin’ years since the collective community has had any LOD material to cry themselves to sleep on a Saturday night to. What I’m trying to say is that it’s been far too long.

Luckily, their new one “Eyes” is exactly what we’ve been wanting, and even a little bit more. It’s a transcendent track, packed with reverb, duelling, ghostly vocals, and the slow build of gratingly beautiful music floats itself into a far too short 4 minute run time. But the ecstasy that is wrung from this MBV-meets-MelbourneĀ band…it’s enough to satisfy your average coward puncher’s night in King’s Cross. Simply and utterly stunning.

Love of Diagrams will be coming out of hibernation for an ultimate party time, headlining Bedroom Suck Record’s fifth (!) birthday party shenanigans. The rest of the lineup features GLOSS (ex-Circle Pit), Terrible Truths, Martyr Privates, and Superstar! It all goes down at Goodgod, on Freeday 7 November. SHLICK!


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